Who is CaRtOoNz? Age, Wiki, Net Worth, Real Name

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Where there is a will there is a way. The proverb is proved well in case of CaRtOoNz. He had been into a renowned job earning quite well but his inner passion always had wanted him to be in another place. He therefore quit his job and followed what his passion was. He has been a Lineman in AT&T. Then CaRtOoNz started his own YouTube channel as well as became a DJ. He then discovered what he was into. He was much passionate about Gaming. He started gaming, about which he was much passionate. He finally had started gaming and making the videos which made him famous. Here is everything about CaRtOoNz wiki bio age real name, net worth girlfriend.

CaRtOoNz Wiki

CaRtOoNz was born on September 21, 1982. He was born in North Carolina. His age is 35 years. Also, his Zodiac sign is Virgo. He had shifted to Washington DC for his education and also for perusing his other interests. He spent his early life and his education in Washington, until he further shifted back to North Carolina. He has lived a life exploring as well as doing whatever he feels like doing. He had first worked as a lineman in LT&T. then he later started his DJ in which he was interested since earlier life. He did that for a while and later finally entered gaming which was his passion and he had realized it. He started his own YouTube channel soon.

CaRtOoNz real name

CaRtOoNz real name is Luke Patterson. He has started using his made up name when he was a DJ. Since then he is using his name. It is very common as well as very normal for the rappers and music hip hop artists to do so. He has therefore used the name CaRtOoNz instead of his real name. Luke Patterson has later also started his YouTube channel from the same name, which has been going quite well.

His net worth

CaRtOoNz aka Luke Patterson net worth is not exactly disclosed as of now, nut his salary is known to be approximately 600 thousand dollars in total. Luke has been an Aircraft Maintenance engineer since he graduated and also for 2 years. He has been working AT&T and also been working as a DJ and has been successful in it. His YouTube channel has been doing great and has also much of his earnings from his channel. He has in total a substantial amount of money collected from various jobs which he had done prior to becoming a gamer as well as a YouTube star.

Who is his CaRtOoNz Girlfriend?

Luke Patterson has been in a relationship with sister of H2O Delirious. The couple had dated for long and maybe is still together which is not clear. After the duo came into relationship, H2O Delirious and Luke became much good friends. They both are just like brothers now. They had dated each other for 8 years and now they have not shared much.

Luke has been a hard working person on his own and is expected to go further in gaming.


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