Street Outlaws Precious Cooper Husband, Net Worth, Age

precious cooper husband

Precious cooper is a very embarked as racer on street outlaws of Florida, United States. She was born in 1989 and currently is of 28 years lives in Osceola, Florida, United States. Though ladies of today’s world doesn’t get in to the career of racing being keeping a thought that racing is well suited to men only but still precious cooper did. Moreover precious faced many problem of family in life still she wisely work to maintain the things and became the savior for her family. We here aim to provide Precious Cooper wiki, husband and family facts of life. She is current racing into the show from the team of the JJ Da Boss. There are also the rumors of some affairs of Jonathan Day with her. So, go now from the detailed article.

precious cooper husband

Precious Cooper Wiki

Precious cooper being born in Osceola, Florida was firstly introduced on the season 9 of discovery racing show popularly named as ‘Street Outlaws; Memphis by JJ Das Boss. She was hard working and fascinate towards his life and marked his victory when she raced against the chunk and made the winning and also proved that women’s are not to be always dominated by men, they are as strong as men. Moreover after making the victory she received a nickname ‘queen of streets’ from JJ Boss. After that precious raced against Doc and Big Chief and again proved herself as the finest racer of the street.

Precious Cooper Personal Life

Precious cooper has four members in her family and she belongs to a poor family. Her parents are Ricky cooper and Sara cooper and she has younger sister named Chelsea Cooper. Her family was her biggest strength and this strength made her fought with every big problem of life and she abled to gain a good living standard and proud to family by becoming one of the most finest racer of the country.

Since her childhood precious cooper possess a keen interest in racing and cars. In the age of 19 precious Cooper visited to Memphis to watch a race with JJ Das Boss. And this was the time when he started with his career and decided to become a famous racer. Precious cooper asked JJ Das Boss to train her. JJ Boss then trained Precious to check tire pressure. JJ Boss Das prepared precious for the bracket race. Precious started his racing taking an old car called ‘Pubble Jumper’. She somehow through her will power established her grip in Memphis and showed herself as one of the finest racer on discovery’s street racing show ‘Street Outlaws’. And this is how she started her journey and ended up through a great victory.

The Precious racer net worth and assets

Precious Cooper is one of the hot participants on the show Street Outlaws where she showcase her racing skills. She is quite active and energetic while on the tracks. It is not easy for professional racers to compete her on the routes. The Precious Cooper net worth is estimated around the $1 Million according to the sources available on the internet but the fact is not confirmed trough the sources. She is earning her main source from the Street Outlaws shows. It is quite interesting to see when she will officially reveal her net worth in the media. Keep calm and wait for the upcoming latest reports on the Precious Cooper.


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  2. I think it should be Precious the Boss. Your a true lady but still willing to do dirt. Bet them Cali guys weren’t expecting Precious to be tossing men and women off that truck. Hope you don’t mind the expression but “You the baddest bitch on the street”

  3. Keep up the good work show them a woman can do the job a man does just as good are better. You are such a pretty girl. Is Tricia your sister ? I have to ask what are the handkerchiefs for that everybody has in there back pocket. Luv the show if there is ever a truck like the 51 please let me know I would love to own one.


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