Colin Kroll Net Worth 2018, Wiki-Bio, Wife, Age, Died

Colin Kroll net worth

You may have heard of the Vine service of the video hosting where the user can share and host the video clips. His co-founder Colin Kroll died on December 16, 2018. The people are wondering to know the reason his death. What was his net worth before death? This is the post where you can know the Vine co-founder salary, net worth and life facts. Colin Kroll was popularly known as the co-founder of the Vine Service and the HQ Trivia App. It is quite shocking and unfortunate that he found dead in the New York City. Here have a look on the Colin Kroll net worth 2018 and facts.

Who was Colin Kroll?

It is not tough question to identify his personality in the Silicon Valley. He was the star in the place from the success of the Vine with his partners Rus Yusupov and Dom Hofmann. Vine is a widely popular video hosting platform which actively have more than 200 million users worldwide. It was occupied by the Twitter under the deal of $30 million but soon shut down in the view of competition marketing with Twitter’s own video service. Kroll was accused and fired from the company.

His career and CEO Job

Later, he co-founded the HQ Trivia and managed the CEO position in the company. By the end of the year, trivia app became popular and ranked well on the downloading sites. It raised the huge investment and support from the market. This raised the Colin Kroll net worth in the year. At the time, his net worth was estimated into the millions. He ran the company successfully in the competitive market with the investing partners.

The platform Vine has helped many stars to produce great videos and became the self-made celebrities on the internet. It took the market by storm before the introduction of the Instagram and Snapchat services.

Colin Kroll Net Worth 2018

The Colin Kroll net worth data is not calculated in the year 2018. But in the 2015-16, his net worth was into the millions. He was graduated from the Oakland University in the Computer Science degree. His skills made him the millionaire over time. He was a brilliant computer engineer who received massive support from the users.

If roughly calculations are made, then his net worth can be calculated as the $25 million. His app HQ Trivia once ranked into the top 10 on the Apple’s app Store games section.

Cause of Death

He was found dead in the New York City on December 16, 2018 due to the use of the drugs heroine and cocaine. He cause of death is the overdose of drugs. He body was found in the bedroom of Kroll’s apartment in Manhattan. The NYPD investigated the matter and found no suspicious clue. The techy-man was 35 years old. His girlfriend was unable to communicate with the Colin and informed the police of it. 

The tech-leader will be remembered for his great engineering skills, talent and video service to the world. His friends and family are deeply sad with this incident. 


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