Big Chief Wife Allicia Shearer Divorced or Not

alicia shearer

One of the well known face in the television industry Justin Shearer, also famously known as Big Chief in the field of street racing. On December 09, 1980, the day when he came into this world. He put his feet in Louisville, Kentucky. In his early days i.e from a very young age he came to know that he has a interest in the field of racing. And to increase his interest and to know more about this field he head down the road on his bike to watch street races on old route66 as a result he was able to grab the attention from the racing skills. His wife name is Alicia Shearer but their marriage is the point of interest for the fans because there is an entry of a new lady Jackie Braasch. In this post read about Big Chief wife Allicia.

alicia shearer

Big Chief is not the along star of the show. There are many other too in the league like JJ da Boss, Ryan Martin, etc. Th show becomes interesting when they all comes together and race on the track.

Justin Shearer Wiki

Justin Shearer (aka Big Chief) was born on December 9, 1980 in Louisville, Kentucky, United States. The man crossed the 40 years age mark. He loves street racing by passion and modified 1972 Pontiac The Crow, his own dream car. He use this car in most of the races. Justin is married to Alicia and also having two kids. The two running a garage in the city for the cars to design and change it accordingly.

Allicia Shearer: Big Chief Wife

His wife name is Alicia Shearer and but there is divorce rumors came related to his personal life. It is also rumored that Justin Shearer is dating the new girlfriend Jackie Braasch these days. The information is not confirmed but may be true. He seemed with different lady on the screens. His first dream car was”THE CROW” (1972 Ponatic Lemanr) which was entirely modified by him later. His various techniques along with the engines made it quite different. He put together a machine, balanced engine , parted heads and a custom valvetrain. Due to his passion and talent, he featured the discovery channel show named Street Outlaws. Big Chief passion towards the race is now become the inspiration of many people who want to be a ‘Justin Shearer’.

Big Chief Wife Allicia Shearer Divorced or Not

According to an interview, he revealed that he can not live without an energy drinks, Monster.When he was not a part of racing , he was doing powerlifting and training in a gym. Being an average student, he pushes himself to work so hard. In his childhood days, he used to train the horses with his mother and work on cars with his father. Big Chief mother was hero as well as inspiration for him.

It is right fact known that Justin never said anything related to his married life. But from social media, we come to know that he is happily married to his longtime girlfriend Alicia when he was 18. They both worked at the gas station. They both blessed with Corbin Shearer and Covil Shearer.

As per the sources available on internet , reveals the net worth of Justin Shearer about $800000. His fans are continuously increasing day by day. Because of his great hard work, his car show achieved the high rankings. Hope that he will be back soon to again give a huge smile on his fan’s face.


  1. If Big Chief was born in 1980 he is not 39. That would make him 37. Why would something so simple be wrong? Is he still with his wife or not? All I know is there is something about that man that gets me going!!!

  2. We don’t see Allicia on the show any more! That could alleviate some of the divorce rumors and give his deserving fans a big sigh of relief!!!


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