Wild ‘n Out Conceited Wiki, Age, Height, Real Name, Net Worth

Rap battles are famous around the world and people are addicted to these battles. There are several YouTube channels which only focus on rap battles like Epic Rap Battle of History with over 14 million subscriber and TBS channel who does celebrities rap battle. These data shows we all love rap battles and this article is about someone who is known for his immense talent in this sport. Conceited is a battle rapper from America and is mostly famous for his rapping skills. He has turned so many heads with his talent and made so many fans that now he working on an album with Nick Cannon. Let us know more about Conceited Wiki and Net Worth.

Conceited Wiki

Conceited Wiki

Conceited is a professional battle rapper and actor born on March 10, 1989 in Brooklyn, New York, United States. He is currently 28 years old. Conceited started his battle rapping career in year 2006 and his career is now 11 years old. He is best known for MTV2 program Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ‘n Out. Until this point Conceited have already became easily one of the most widely viewed battle rappers on internet. Due to this Nick Cannon realized his potential and added him in the cast of MTV2 program “Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ‘n Out” in year 2013. He has also joined Da Jungle rap battles league and quickly grabbed many people attention.

Conceited Career

He started his career professionally in year 2006 and his career is 11 years old. In this 11 years he became headliner multiple time and has made fans around the world. Conceited made a name for himself in Loaded Lux Lionz Den but it was not his big break. His big break was when Grind Time Now picked him up for WorldStarHipHop.com. Being impressed by Conceited Grind Time Now then put him against Illmaculate who was 2004 Scribble Jam Champion and two times World Rap Champion. Conceited won the battle and since then there was no stoppage for him with stardom. He has appeared in all three battle rap’s platforms i.e. King of the Dot, Don’t Flop and URL. He has achieved a lot more in recent years than any other battle rapper ever and his career is no near to a end.

Conceited Wiki

Conceited Net Worth

He is remarkable man and put passion in his talent. With his talent he has grabbed the attention of Nick Cannon and Grin Time Now. He has made everyone fan with his freestyle rapping which excels in nameflips and worldplay. Therefore it is not a surprise that everyone wants to know about his life which include his net worth. But the truth is we don’t know his net worth yet and his net worth is not calculated yet. Although we can sure you that he has no problem in living a luxury life. He has also started his venture Battle Box Networks which is a social development network focused only on Battle Culture. The venture is in partnership between Conceited and his manager and business partner Kenneth Martin. We hope for his great future and success.

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