Who is H2O Delirious? Age, Face, Wiki-Bio, Net Worth, Real Name

h20 delirious age

Funny videos have always been a matter of potential evergreen interest for all the people, especially YouTubers. They have been trying to create content that has been making the audience happy as well as interested. The content he creates is funny, hilarious as well as related to gaming. His content is the real innovation which makes him different from other. His content is comprised of gaming information as well as is rolled on with humorous content. Such content is a deadly combination for any YouTube content because it is really appreciated as well as required by the gaming enthusiasts. H2O Delirious has been one of the You Tuber who has been creating a great combination of humor as well as gaming. His content is his main strength. Here is everything about H2O Delirious age, wiki and real name.

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H2O Delirious Bio Data

He was born on May 02, 1987. He was born in North Carolina and had stayed there till he grew up. He created his own YouTube channel on 25th May 2007. He started uploading videos on Grand Theft Auto5, Fallout as well as other games which are quite famous as well as popular amongst the gaming enthusiasts. H1Z1, Layers of Fear are also some of the games which he has played.

His professional Gaming life

He had started his YouTube channel and started creating the content relating to gaming. He has also created his videos inclusive of some humor. His videos are much liked by the gaming enthusiasts. Popular gaming videos which he creates are. Among the sleep, silent Hills, Alien: Isolation, Five nights at Freddy’s 1&2 and many other. His major success was when he had requested VanossGaming to collaborate with him. His life had been on a turning point when his request was accepted and therefore his videos, content became hit and went viral. Soon, his content expanded on a large scale and also his videos increased in number. The videos became up market and collabs were now up market and his channel gained lots and lots of subscribers as well as views. This was a boon in the life of H2ODelirious.

H2O Delirious Age and real name

H2O Delirious real name is Jonathan. He started using his made up name when he started using YouTube and had started making videos. It is a recent culture to use made up names instead of real ones while making gaming as well as YouTube videos. Jonathan did the same and used a rather curious name H2ODelirious.

H2O Delirious was born on 2nd May 1987. His age is 31 years. He is a mature man and holds his own responsibility. He has been a full time You Tuber and has been earning through it really well by his content.

H2ODelirious Net Worth

His net worth has still not been disclosed by him as such. But it is very easily estimated to be in many thousand dollars because of the number of Subscribers he has on his YouTube channel and also the collabs he has done. The views on his channel are really high.

H2O Delirious has been a hard working as well as good content creator. He is hopefully to go forward in his YouTube career with his content.


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