Tech 9 Battle Rapper Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Cause of Death

Tech 9 Battle Rapper wiki

In today’s world, youth wants to do something different. They don’t want to revolve their lives only in studies but also in different field. They want to upgrade their talent. And not only this, they also get success in their fields. Tech 9 Battle Rapper is one such rising star of today’s world. He has strong relationship with music. This star was born on August 17th, 1988 in Worcester along with his two siblings. He grew up by listening different hip hop luminaries. As a result, he has a keen interest in this field. At the age of seven, when all children were involving in games then Tech 9 Battle Rapper was involved in making rhymes through different word. So the artist was shaping himself from childhood and now he is getting fame in the rapper world. So, read in this post about Tech 9 Battle Rapper wiki and bio details of new rising star.

Tech 9 Battle Rapper Wiki

At the age of 10, he told his father to let him record the song in the studio. His father agreed. He recorded his first debut song under the alias and the destiny was in his favor. He quickly got reputation after recording his song. In 2007 he changed his name to Future Joyner and began to work with his uncle along with Sheen Philips and DJ prince to form the “Film Skool Rejects”. Their mixtape ‘Work Print’ created a spark in the field of in the field of hip hop. After that, they all were separated DJ Prince become sky DJ and Cyrus become featured producer respectively and Joyner moved towards the music industry with talent in his fist.

Music Career and Life

In 2011, success was touched his feet when his solo debut ‘Listen to me’ hit the world in very less time. Soon the song got several fans and followings. His song was full of punch lines and beats. After that, he got first position in many competitions. He created several videos and post them on social media to entertain his fan and also to explore his talent worldwide. In 2012, he again changed his name and removed the future and added Tech 9 Battle Rapper in his name and hence known to the world as Tech 9 Battle Rapper. Again in the year 2015, he released an album called Along Came Joyer. Again he was loved by his fan. As his fan got mad by hearing this song and again he was able to make more fans and fans following. He is currently preparing on a video ‘She Don’t Need Me No more’. According to Joyner he don’t want to live in the heart of his fans just as a rapper, but he wanted to be remember the one who make the people to fall in love with hip hop again.

Tech 9 Battle Rapper Net Worth

Tech 9 Battle Rapper is a rising star so his net worth is also increasing as the day passing. His net worth is estimated around $500,000. He is very determined and talented that’s why his fan following rising on the social media. You can check videos on the YouTube and follow on the social accounts for latest pictures. You can also watch his Ross Capicchioni video which posted above.

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