Street Outlaws Kye Kelley Net Worth, Age, Wife, Girlfriend

kye kelley wiki

Are you a big fan of the Street racing then here we are writing about the Kye Kelley. He is a very fine racer and inspiration of many car lovers. He got fame after featuring on the TV show Street Outlaws New Orleans. The show telecast on the Discovery channel and it is a very popular series in the United States. Street Outlaws is best suited for the adventurous racing lovers. Kye Kelley is one of member and racer in the show. The other popular racers in the show are Precious Cooper, AZN, etc. The devoted fans must be familiar with him and his ex-wife Alisa Mote. He knows every part of engine and having good knowledge about expensive cars that why he has huge number of fans. He hails from the city of Mississipi. The street racer is very passionate about the racing and cars. If you are interested about street racing then keep reading Kye Kelley wife facts and life.

kye kelley wiki

Kye Kelley Wiki

He career into the racing started few years back. Before it, Kye used to compete into the racing in different cities. He is also well famous by the nickname Shocker. The legendary racer offered tough competition to racers on the show Street Outlaws. He too owns an expensive and exclusive car, Chevrolet Camaro. His birth city is the Mississipi and played with the cars/bikes since childhood. The racer fan following grew manifold when he appeared on the popular Discovery show Street Outlaws New Orleans. Big Chief is another legendary star of the show. The show seems incomplete in absence of Big Chief. Kye Kelley is rumored that he is no more in a relationship with his wife Alisa Mote.

Kye Kelley Early Life

Kye was first joined the oil company for the income. But soon he realized his dream and skills about racing. He is the leader of New Orleans racing group. He has his own shop in the city of cars performance. He is a symbol of many young minds in the racing ear. As of now, he is a man with more than 25 years of experience in street racing.

Key Kelley Net Worth And Wife

Kye Kelley is of the big name when comes to street racing. He earned both name and fame in life through his skills. It is estimated that he is having the net worth of about $500,000. He is on the way towards the path of success. We hope that with rock again on Street Outlaws New Orleans season 2. His car is capable to fulfill his desire on the show. Kye designed the car’s performance according to his own needs. He is the man who knows how to win in a loosing game.

He married to Alisa Mote but soon they both separated. According to his bio, he is expecting his firs child with Alisa. She was his long-time girlfriend and they worked together for many years. The exact reason behind their separation is unclear. But Kye moved forward and dating the Lizzy Musi. The rumors came on social media but not confirmed.


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