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jj da boss wiki

JJ Da Boss is the popular name on the television. He is considered as the legend of the racing. His racing skills are amazing and loved by the audiences. The man steals the show from his racing. He appears in the popular racing television series Street Outlaws. He has gained immense popularity and fans from the show. It telecasts on the Discovery channel. His wife name is Tricia Day who also appears on this show. Her skills of racing are also fantastic. JJ Da Boss is competing in the racing at Memphis with the team members including best racers. His full name is Jonathan Day but known by just JJ Da Boss. Let us know more about JJ Da Boss wife and wiki.

The racer man is competing in the new season of the Street Outlaws show. He takeover the popular racing stars of the show like Big Chief, Ryan Martin, etc. In the show, he beat up them on the track. This made him a star overnight and audiences started liking the racer.

jj da boss wiki

JJ Da Boss Bio

Stage Name: JJ Da Boss
Real Name: Jonathan Day
Age: 43 years
Birth Date: 1973
Birth Place: Memphis
Occupation: Street Racer
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Not Known

JJ Da Boss was born on August 10, 1973 in Memphis, United States. He looks quite energetic and dynamic. He was passionate about the cars since long childhood by watching his father working on cars. He visited to the Rivercrest High School in year 1992. The more about his education is not available on his official page.

JJ Da Boss Wife: Tricia Day

Tricia Day is the wife of the legendary racer JJ da Boss. Interestingly, Tricia Day is also a racer in the show Street Outlaws: Memphis. She is giving support to his husband at all stages of life. The couple looks adorable together. Together they have children. Their personal life is also going fine. The 45-years old is in relationship with the beautiful, talented and young Tricia Day. They are together since 10 years. As per the sources, the two were dated each other before getting married.

Tricia is racing from very young age. She loves cars and also modifying it according to the track. She is having great knowledge of different cars and its accessories.

Starting Career of JJ Da Boss

JJ Da Boss modified his first race car 66 Chevy II Nova with the high performance engine. He is also popularly known by the racing name “Midget”. His team consists of the four members. He also knows fixing the cars and modifying it. He used to spend most of his time in the garage with his cars. He loves making different high performance cars using own techniques and plans.

JJ Da Boss is also rumored to have some affairs with the Precious Cooper. But this proved just a rumor revolving all over the internet. Precious Cooper is the family member of the street racer JJ Da Boss. Also, know the JJ Da Boss worth and assets.

JJ Da Boss Net Worth

The JJ Da Boss exact net worth is not revealed in the media but it is expected that he is having assets of worth dollar millions. He is a very popular racer known for the show Street Outlaws Memphis. He is street racer and earns the grand prize from the race winning game. His follows his own rules and regulations in the racing. The racer earns whopping income from the popular street racing show Street Outlaws on Discovery. JJ Da Boss is the inspiration for many of the street racers in America. We hope that soon his cars and assets reveal in the the media


  1. Hey jj da boss what is precious to you is she your nephew or is she your wife’s best friend comment back when you want to please I need your help doing this and I watched your son race yesterday when you said your life was on the line and by the way tell me how it went.

  2. Jj you are a real deal street racer watching your show every monday night makes me wish i had the money to build myself a car to race and your boy he like me a family man and believe me someone calls my family member a bitch like the guy did to you i busted him in the face just like doughboy did i love your show man keep up the good work and stay safe

  3. Why does’nt jj use a flash light to start the race ? It appears when his arms go up 0ne of the cars jumps before he drops them ! Just saying.

  4. It’s so evident when you arm drop your teammates almost always leave first making it unfair. I’m ashamed that you do this. It shows so often and that one reason why myself and many of my friends say CHEAT!! MAKE IT FARE.

  5. I didn’t like JJ when I first saw him on street outlaws OK. Once I watched your show and got to see more about the way you are I got to like the person you are. Your life is a lot like mine before I got very sick. I wish you the best of health. Being sick changes your life in ways no one could understand. Your show makes me wish I had not got so sick and broke but at the same time it makes me happy some people get to live their dream. Thanks for being really.

  6. JJ DA BOSS , ARM DROP RIP OFF !! You call yourself a real deal street racer ??? What the last episode they were racing for 32k . Sometimes his arms go all the way up . Other times when his driver takes off early he brings his hands down . What a scam . I understand that it’s a tv show , if you are really racing for money and do that you are a punk ass birch .
    You know it and everybody else knows it

  7. JJ I got a 1953 pick up with a 350 short block with a 3/4 cam with a 4 barrel New motor are you interested this truck would be great for precious if interested let me know i can send pictures.

  8. Hey jj luv the show and Tricia is so pretty. Y’all keep up the good work. If you know where another truck is like your let me know I would love to have one. What about carp he has the prettiest eyes I have ever seen. Don’t know if he is married or a girlfriend but, would luv for my daughter to meet him ha I am matchmaking . Keep safe

  9. To scared to run by light. Can’t make money without the armdrop. CHEAT. You don’t earn the money by fair racing you steal it. Chief is the real deal. He has straight up won his victory.


  11. Do u have any disabled VETS that race? I would love to get into it but I think I’m too old and the only experience I have is driving my CTS4 at about 100 110 mph up and down the northern most parts of interstate 95 during the many blizzards we have and helping people that spin out get help. I was a medic one of many jobs in MILITARY and it makes PTSD symptoms go away when I get adrenaline flying in my car and helping people in there time of need. I hate AMBER ALERTS but as soon as there is one in my neck of the woods I go out looking. Just some ways to get adrenaline what about you besides racing and occasionally putting someone in there place what other ways do u get adrenaline.

  12. Jj you’re the man on those streets real deal real man keep it up and bee safe look after those who look after you good bless


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