Street Outlaws Flip Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Family, Death

street outlaws flip

Street Outlaws is one of the best American TV series in which Street racers bring out their driving skills and compete each other to win a title which is held in Oklahoma City, JJ Da Boss and Precious Cooper are famous players from this show. Street Outlaws made it possible for the street racers of Oklahoma City to get a platform for their carer and give one the best racers of this decade. Street Outlaws lost one of the best racers in 2013, yes we are talking about Flip whose death is a mystery till today. Street Outlaws even has many more racers but there was no one else like Flip as he lived his life to the fullest. Let us Know more about Street Outlaws Flip Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Family and Cars.

street outlaws flip

Street Outlaws Flip Wiki

Tyler Gene Priddy, yes this is his real name who was born in 30 November, 1981 in Chickasha. He graduated from Putnam city high school. He didn’t have very much friends but only few of them. He grew up with Street Outlaws co star big chief as he was with him from childhood. There is not much information about the parents of Tyler as it was never revealed by him. Tyler as flip enjoyed his life to the fullest, he used to have one hand with beer and other hand with cigarette. And today he is no more with us as he died on 28 may in 2013 at the age of 31 when he was in his home. He had gone but only he left behind his memories and a wife along with four kids named Tovey, Remey, Dresdyn and Bennett. Although no one ever came to know how he died, some believe that he killed himself but there is no evidence which proves it. Some also believe that he was murdered by his wife because she was fed up of his bad habits but again there is no proof which proves it. So his death is still a mystery.

Street Outlaws Flip Career Life

Street Outlaws is one of the best TV series in America. Street racers of Oklahoma City comes to race here. Flip was introduced here only because he was a racer. He participated in many races and has also concurred victory in it. With his El Camino nickname ‘ The Old Slut ‘ could be his last race because his car was made up begged, borrowed and stolen parts and this is the only reason it was named as ‘ the old slut’ . Flips career was on top gear His racing carer started when he learned driving at the age of 20 he and his Best friend Big chief then together they came to Street Outlaws. Flip was never beaten up in a race because when it comes about driving El Camino, he was no match to anyone.

Street Outlaws Flip Net Worth

Flip doesn’t worked very long on Street Outlaws. And in the year 2013 he died leaving all his money behind. He got a huge net worth of 500 thousand US dollars. Making this net worth requires a huge salary as he was paid a bulky salary by Street Outlaws. His El Camino is now with his best friend Big Chief. He has various other property which he has left for his wife and children. He may have been died but his work and racing style will always in the heart of people of Oklahoma City.


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