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street outlaws doc

Discovery channel’s Street Outlaws has never left behind in amazing people such as Ryan Martin and JJ Da Boss. Some Street racers brought up their truck, some race with their old Chevy. It was the one of best and unique feature of the show as racers brought up their own cars, truck’s to race. Now we are looking forward to two door high performance muscular car. A man who followed his dreams, his passion for cars and racing very fast from Street Outlaws show is non other than Doc. He is best among best when it comes for driving a muscular car. He is one of the gems of Street Outlaws in Oklahoma City most of people have Mustang or Chevelle. Let us know more about Street Outlaws Doc Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Family and Cars.

street outlaws doc


Street Outlaws Doc Wiki

Docs a.k.a James love, he was in 19 February in 1969 in Moore of Oklahoma. He had completed his high school from Moore high school and later gone to Arizona to attend universal technical institution. It was not something new that his watching to Street race as it’s a trend in Oklahoma City. Later when he again came back to home in Oklahoma then he started his first race with his 1970 Chevy Monte Carlo which he bought up from eBay from Wisconsin and drove it to Oklahoma. As soon as he came to Oklahoma he put it on track for racing after which his interest in racing arose. ‘The Street Beast’ that’s the name he gives to his Chevy. The powerful engine of Chevy makes all other problems of the street Beast neglected. In 1990 James love married to Judy love. He happy couple have two daughters. There is no information about his parents as it has been not yet revealed.

Street Outlaws Doc Career Life

Street Outlaws played a crucial role in making a career of people like Doc. Before Street Outlaws he was working as an mechanic in a garage since 1989 but his passion and love for cars promoted him he end up in starting with his own repair and service shop with his grandfather in 2001. His repair and service shop was going well everything his life was on its peak but still something lacked, his love for speed which always pulls him towards the race track. In 2013 drag went to become a part of TV American series known as Street Outlaws which was new at that time and a wonderful platform for the new street racers in Oklahoma. With his 1970 Chevy ‘The Street Beast’ with a lot of modification he is one of the best racers of the show. With having the largest engine 959 CID mountain motor in the whole show. Doc has also managed to make his name on the top in top 10 list. His long journey from being a mechanic in a repair shop to owning a repair and service shop and finally to a professional Chevy racer is the only reason of his hard work and his passion for cars.

Street Outlaws Doc Net Worth

When Doc was a mechanic at a repair shop he didn’t earned much but his passion want him more to do later on he opens his own repair shop which was a profitable business by him. But from the time he entered the show Street Outlaws and became one of the most deadly racers of the show it had made him earn a lot of serious money. Earning so much makes a huge net worth oh $550,000. Discovery channel has never revealed about his annual salary but for making such a huge net worth requires a huge salary. He is the famous racer of Street Outlaws and he own a vintage Chevy which he won in race. He started his racing career from his Street Beast which has played a very big role in bringing Doc this far and become number 1.


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