Marliesia Ortiz Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Height, Boyfriend

Marliesia Ortiz has always been in the news for posing undressed. She has lately been in controversies for being the girlfriend of the popular rapper Swan Lee. The Wailing Wall is a holy place for the Jews and they worship the place. Also the place has a temple Mount, where Marliesia Ortiz is seen sitting and having her Photo Shoot. Marliesia Ortiz has already been in controversies for posting pictures all nude. This time the news has reached extortionate level. Here is everything about Marliesia Ortiz wiki age, Photo Shoot.

Marliesia Ortiz Wiki, Early life

Marliesia Ortiz was born in Belgium. She was born free and open to do all what she wanted since her early days. She was born on 30th April 1992. Marliesia Ortiz age is 26 years. Her Zodiac sign is Taurus.  She was a free soul since the day she was born and always did whatever she wanted. Marliesia Ortiz had first posted her exposing pictures on Instagram on 23rd March 2013. The pictures were taken down instantly by Instagram because of the content being nude according to the app policy. Also later her account got suspended for having sensitive and adult content which were exposing and her account went down.

Professional Life

Marliesia Ortiz is a free soul who does whatever she feels like. She has made her own calendar which comprises of all the uncovered pictures of her which she has, clicked at different places. The images are all exotic and are clicked at different locations. Marliesia Ortiz is a part of Mission Blue, which is an initiative taken by Sylvia Earle. The project which Marliesia Ortiz leads is known as “Plastic Sushi”. The “Plastic Sushi” project is all in opposition of the plastic waste which is thrown in the sea. The project is aimed to conserve the sea as well as its inhabitants and the wildlife creatures. Marliesia Ortiz is also in the league to save all the sea and prevent plastic in the sea. Marliesia Ortiz is a free soul and therefore she is all tranquil to pose nude for the project she runs. She refers herself as a Free Soul.

Marliesia Ortiz age

Marliesia Ortiz age is 26 years. She had started working for the project “Plastic Sushi” since a long time. Marliesia Ortiz is also doing a great social work at her age.

Marliesia Ortiz has lately been seen having her photoshoot at the Jerusalem Wailing Wall which is a holy place for the Jews to worship. Marliesia Ortiz Pictures at the Temple Mount was sitting all naked, and having a Photoshoot with pleasure. The images have created a negative impact on the Jewish community as well as others concerning the holy place.

Marliesia Ortiz has done great work in the field of Social work. She has made tremendous efforts to make her project successful. Marliesia Ortiz “Plastic Sushi” project is a very good initiative to the wildlife.

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