Know BlocBoy JB Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Height and Girlfriend

The rising era of the rappers can’t be ignored in this time of competition. There are the talents coming from every corner of the country. The American rapper BlocBoy JB comes under the same category. The rapper reached to the fame of popularity in this year. His real name is James Baker and known for the songs “Look Live”, “Shoot” and “Rover”. In his new song, he is featuring the Drake which is the main point of interest for the fans. They together came in the new single “Look Alive”. The song is quite inspiring and melodic on great beat. Fans are wondering that from where the rapper belongs to? What are some interesting facts of his musical career and life? Blocboy JB is one of the viral rapper on the SoundCloud and YouTube in 2017 when the hip-hop song “No Chorus Pt. 6” released. Here, keep read to known more BlocBoy JB wiki and net worth information.

blocboy jb

BlocBoy JB Wiki

Name: BlocBoy JB
Age: 29 years
Birth Date: January 14, 1989
Birth Place: Memphis, Tennessee
Nationality: American
Occupation: Rapper
Girlfriend: NA
Song: Look Alive

BlocBoy Career and Life

He calls himself as the Southern hip-hop artist as he is good in that field. Last year he released two mixtapes The Purple M&M and Who Am I 3. This helped him to gain some fan base and popularity among the young fans. His streets music later started catching eyes with interesting music songs and hip-hop atmosphere. “Shoot” and “Half Amazing” are the best mixtapes which he released for the fans. The “First Day Bacc on da Blocc” also received the good response from the listeners. The rapper is on the verge to enhance his skills and move forward with his latest mixtapes in the market. His songs are ranking good in top playlists on online audio streaming sites. He feels motivated after listening popular rappers like T.I. and Eminem. He wrote songs in the class and used to rap them by bunking the class. He also knows good dancing apart from singing. Drake is available on the Instagram where he shares the latest pictures and videos.

Girlfriend and Relationship

The Blocboy’s girlfriend name is not revealed. He is focused only on his career and rapping. His majority of the songs are produced by the Tay Kieth. The rapper attended the Craigmont Middle School and his mother worked at the local Nike factory for solving financial issues. Blocboy is not having any relationship with any girl. He is single and making headlines in the news because of the music skills.

BlocBoy JB Net Worth

The Blocboy net worth is estimated about $100 thousand. He is a settled rapper but doing hard to make its own identity. Blocboy’s primary source of earning is through the rapping and music videos. He also spent lot of time in gambling but no records of crime. The rapper successfully maintained his clean life in the musical career. He now got a momentum in his career with his popular video “Look Alive” featuring the popular singer Drake.

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