Jackie Braasch: Big Chief’s New Girlfriend or Justin Shearer Divorced

jackie braasch

When it comes to the street racing then Big Chief is one of the popular name in this field. He is a popular street raced and claimed that he is back to regain the spot number one in racing. Big Chief is known for the popular show on the Discovery channel Street Outlaws. Nowadays, he is in the media attention as his relationship with new girlfriend Jackie Braasch. The successful racer is married but whether gossips of his new girlfriend are just rumors or true. There are lots of questions and rumors unanswered to entry of new lady in his life. Big Chief’s real name is Justin Shearer. So, whether Justin having new girlfriend? The man is pretty famous in the era of street racing. His rumored girlfriend Jackie Braasch is the member of the motorsports organization. In this post, read the interesting facts of the Jackie Braasch, Big Chief’s new girlfriend.

jackie braasch

Who is this new lady?

If we listen to the rumors, then she is the part of the Car Chix, the premier motorsports organization for women. She was one of the top 12 finalists in the racing. She owns a Spitzer Dragster and competes into the Rockett Brand Race Fuel Bracket Series. Overall, we can say that she is in the same profession of street racing as the Big Chief. She is also a regular winner into the Junior Dragster Division. This let us to conclude that Jackie Braasch love for racing is since childhood. She love cars and latest models into the market. Well, she stated that his daddy was in the motorsports when she was young. He used to take him alongwith into the racing. She found it quite interesting and started participating into the rancing from the age of eight years. She also knows of working on the cars and its parts.

Is Justin Shearer getting divorced?

The street is married to the long-term girlfriend named Alicia. They both spent many years together and marriage later. Their relationship is quite strong and having two children: Covil Shearer and Corbin Shearer. Justin met her life-partner at the gas station at the age of 18. But it is highly rumored in the media that whether is he getting divorced or not. The new girlfriend Jackie Braasch is creating lot of buzz for the street racing fans. Well, it can be just rumors which are spreading among fans.

Jackie Braasch: Life on the Track

She loves working on the different parts of the cars. She spends most of her time with familt and cars. Braasch is active on the social media accounts like Instagram where she posted lots of pictures with his cars. She loves taking selfies and dogs. It is a just a story that Jackie Braach is Big Chief’s new girlfriend be he is already married and happily enjoying the life with his two sons. Jackie has a sister named Erin Braasch who is also a racer. She is very interesting into racing since childhood and now races her car on track every weekend.


  1. He’s DEFINITELY dating her because at the Bristol race on TV they both said I love you to each other before his 1st race. His wife used to be there saying I love you before the race. I really like the guy but I hope he realizes what fame is doing to his family. Even if there are issues in his marriage I pray that he does Everything possible to try to make it work for both of them and their beautiful children. Divorce is So hard on children.

  2. I love Street Outlaws, and I used to be a HUGE Crow fan, but flaunting this new relationship publicly on national tv while he has children in school is something I DO NOT AGREE WITH!! Those boys are going to be asked so many questions about adult stuff that they should not have to be dealing with. They already have enough going on. Shame on you Justin!!!

  3. Don’t know the facts so hard to say what the truth is. Divorce is hard on kids but being in an unhappy home is even worse for children. Either way I hope they all find happiness and make sure the kids are well taken care of. Don’t judge, blame fame, or make assumptions till you know the facts. If it’s something they want kept private, then private it should be kept. Best of luck to them all and hope/pray the kids are put first as they should be.


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