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Iann Dior is an American rapper and a music artist who is much famous for his song “Thick Niggas” and also Anime. The songs were viral on the internet and gave him instant fame. He is also well known for the controversies which he has faced due to his songs. All his songs have some or the other controversial names. His controversies are all due to the names of his songs as well as the lyrics which generally aim a particular section of humans or the society. Here is all about Iann Dior wiki age and net worth.

Ian Dior Wiki

Iann Dior was born in Arizona, U.S. He was born on 10th June 2001. His Zodiac sign is Gemini. Iann Dior age is 17 years. He had started rapping when he was just 14 years of age. At such an early age he used to practice and learn with one of his friend named as Jonathan. They used to practice and record on his father’s instruments. He had learnt music and rapping while playing in the garage of his house.  He then released his singles named as “Fuck it up” on Soundcloud. The song had more than ten thousand plays and then he released another single named as “Booty Toe sucker”. This song also made much fame and was played more than one lack plays. All the titles of his songs were already improper. He tells that his mother is a Hawaiian and he used to dance Hula.

Professional life

He is now one of the youngest and well known rapper and music artists in the industry. He had gained fame when Iann Dior age was just 15 years. His songs “Thick Niggas” and “Anime Tiddies” were quite popular and created popularity and fame for him. He is now a professional full time rapper and has entered the rapping industry. He also has 60 thousand followers on Instagram and also has earned an instant fame.

Iann Dior Net Worth

Iann Dior net worth is still unknown. He has never disclosed his personal net worth till now. But it is well known that at such an early age he has been working hard and must have earned much of net worth in all.


He is associated with Mac DeMarco, who is a Canadian singer music director and producer as well. They both have worked together and have good terms with Iann Dior.

Iann Dior has his goals set very high and as well as positive. He wants to be a popular and a more of a natural interaction with his audience and fans. He says that his goal is to as natural as his songs are, to his fans. Although, Iann Dior age is 17 and he is in a possession of a fame which is quite rare. He is very easily believed to be one of the greatest singers soon.

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