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We are living in such era where women are doing there level best in every field. Lisa Jo Hoffman is one of those famous businesswoman who has become business tycoon in the field of beauty industry. She was born in America but she also has the the nationality of United State and Canada both. Lisa is a married woman. She was married to Dustin Hoffman who is a famous American and Oscar winning actor. Her husband is always surrounded by sexual controversy and at this Lisa is shocked. Lisa Hoffman lives a very luxurious life. She is a woman with class which can be seen with his luxurious status of her beauty products. Here are some information about her life. Let us know more about Lisa Hoffman Net Worth and Wiki.

lisa hoffman wiki

Lisa Hofman Wiki

Lisa Jo Gotsegen was born on 1st of September in the year 1954 at Los Angeles, California, in United State. She was married to a famous American and Oscar winner named Dustin Hoffman. At present she is 64 years old but her age does not affect her too much, Lisa has very big aims in her life. Lisa and her husband Dustin are blessed with 4 children. One of their child has become an actor named Jake Hoffman who was born in the year 1981. Jake Hoffman is not only an actor but also a director and writer. He is graduated from NYU Film School. If we talk about their other three children, they are Rebecca Lillian born in 1983, Maxwell Geoffrey born in 1984 and last Alexandra Lydia born in 1987. As Lisa was married in the year 1980 she has all her four children within the 7 years of her marriage with Dustin Hoffman.

Lisa Hoffman Career

Lisa was very ambitious about her dreams to make her own name in the world and she achieved it. She is graduated with the bachelor’s degree in Psychology from university of Colorado at Boulder in the year 1976. Lisa was very fascinated by perfumes that’s why went to Grasse Institute of Perfumery which was in France to learn more about the trades. In the year 2007 Lisa started a beauty product line named Lisa Hoffman Beauty which did not take time to get famous. Her brand won also many award such as ICMAD award in the year 2015. In the next year 2008 Lisa was featured with the name Newcomer of the year by Women’s Wear daily Magazine. Her brand gave a good competition to it’s opponent and featured as top 40 in the list of Beauty’s in the year 2008.

Lisa Hoffman Net Worth

The business woman is leading into the industry. She was awarded to the brands Acqua di Parma and Karl Lagefeld. She holds the position of the president of Lisa Hoffman Beauty. Her worth is quite impressive as it is grown in the last few years. Her brand reached at the high level in the recent few years. In 2018, she is having the whopping net worth of $10 million. Her brand is recognized globally and it is popular worldwide. She is a powerful lady in the nation.

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