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Anthony Scaramucci is a politician who is currently sitting on the position of White House Communications Director. His wife name is Deidre Ball. She is with Anthony since 2011 and married in 2014. The relationship comes to an end after the two years. The news came in just after one week of holding the position. Ball filed the divorce on July 28, 2017 due to the reason of Scaramucci’s “naked political ambition. Since politics on this topic is active and various guess outcomes coming on social media. While Ball’s lawyer had to say that it has nothing related to politics and just a private matter. Deidre had not commented on the issue as she preferred to keep herself away from media drama. She is focused on the children. Let’s look out here in this post about Deidre Ball wiki and children facts.

Deidre’s Personal Life

Jill Stone is the lawyer of Ball who said that whether Anthony Scaramucci met his new son or not yet. He is being very busy in the political works and unable to give time to his family. This may be the reason of the increased gap between Scaramucci’s and his wife relationship. Ball’s second child was born on July 24 named James. Now, the pre-mature baby has to be born in the coming months as she is also taking health care and treatment for the body. The family was residing on the Long Island community of Manhasset along with their 3 sons. As per reports, it is also revealed the Scaramucci was the part of the Trump’s team and now replaced the Sean Spicer in Trump’s White House administration. As per Ball’s bio profile, she is linked to the SkyBridge Capital as a vice president of company. In 2001, she is graduated from University of Buffalo.

Deidre Ball Divorce and Relationship

Anthony founded the SkyBridge Capital firm in 2005 where Ball worked as vice-president. This is the second divorce of Ball as she has three children from previous relationship. The details are not available about the ex-husband. Few sources reported Anthony is not wearing the wedding ring since its new joining. It indicates that things started going wrong when Trump’s administration selected Anthony as a new White House Communications Director.

Reason for the Split

Well, Deidre Ball did no comments on the whole issue but his lawyer Stone told that the reason behind the divorce file is the Anthony’s naked political ambition. He is very busy in politics and not having enough time for the family. While the peoples doubt that the true reason behind it may be political. As of now, we need wait for the official comments from either side. The picture will get cleared soon in coming months.

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