Judge Brett Kavanaugh follows Religion Catholic. His net worth and family

The speculations are over on the Trump’s nominee of Supreme Court Judge. He has finally named Brett Kavanaugh as the nominees for the US Supreme Court Judge? Who is Brett Kavanaugh? Brett Kavanaugh is one of the popular American judge. Recently he had been given a very good opportunity by Donald Trump to serve United States people. Here in this post, let discover what is the Brett Kavanaugh religion, his net worth and family.

brett kavanaugh religion

Brett Kavanaugh: A short Bio

The judge of United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, Brett Kavanaugh was appointed by Geoge W.Bush. He is preceded by Laurence Silberman. He was born in February 12, 1965 in Washington, D.C. His full name is Brett Michael Kavanaugh. He is currently 53 years old. His political party is Republican. His spouse name is Ashley Estes. He is having two children. He had completed his education qualifications from Yale University. Currently he had been nominated by country’s president as Supreme Court Judge on July 9, 2018. He had been recommended for the post of associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.

Brett Kavanaugh: Opposition

Brett Kavanaugh had also worked as Former Secretary. If he would be confirmed by the senate then it could come up to be a new entry in decisions of Trump’s presidency. However the decision is being opposed by many of the women officials. The Women March Organisation in United States stated that it would result in a death sentence for women of United States. His decisions could prove to be dreadful for many marginalized group in America.

Brett Kavanaugh Religion

Just after the announcement by the president officials his fans are eager to know about his religion information. His follows the catholic religion. His family is also the supporter of Catholic religion. He is having strong relationship with his family. This could be proved from his social status. Currently, he is active on social sites. That’s the information we got of his religion and practices.

He is all set to take the vacant place after the retirement of the Supreme Court Judge Anthony Kennedy. He will become an Associate judge of the Supreme Court of the United States. He faced both support and opposition from the various political personalities. But Trump’s administration finally nominated him for the position. He is into the politics since many years. He also served as the White House counsel during the George Washington Bush time.

Brett Kavanaugh’s Net Worth

Knowing the net worth of the judge is always a secret for many peoples. The approx. net worth of the Supreme court judge is in the million dollars. The salary per year is $3 million minimum. The current Brett Kavanaugh net worth is not revealed but it will rise up after he will become the Supreme Court Judge. The time will judge how good is the Brett Kavanaugh.

The various reactions came on the social site Twitter after the announcement of Brett’s name. Many congratulated Kavanaugh for the day while few questioned the Trump administration.

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