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    atul gawande net worth

    Atul Gawande is an American surgeon. He is a writer and a public health researcher too. Atul Gawande is an Indian native and American by nationality. He is latestly been appointed as the CEO of the newly formed partnership venture of Warren Buffet, J.P Morgan and Berkshire Hathaway. The partnership was announced in the month of January. The venture will look of the rising cost of the medicines. The venture will be situated in Boston. The company will be free from all kind of profit making.

    Atul Gawande Early life

    Atul Gawande was born in Brooklyn, New York, United States of America. He was born to Indian Immigrant parents who had shifted from India to the United States for a new life. His father Atmaram Gawande was born in Uti, Maharashtra. He was a scholar of medical science from Nagpur Medical College, and graduated in the year 1962. For his further studies he moved to New York. He studied surgery in New York and there he met Sushila who was a pediatrician. Sushila was from Ahmadabad and had settled herself to the United States. They both then got married. When Atul and his sister were born, their parents shifted to Athens, Ohio which was a small town in search of doctors, in the year 1973. Atul studied biology and his sister Meeta studied Law.

    Atul Gawande Education

    Atul Gawande has graduated from Athens High school, Athens in the year 1983. He then completed his undergraduates from Stanford University in the subjects of Biology and Political science. He got graduated in the year 1987. He earned M.A degree from Balliol College, Oxford in the subjects of Philosophy, Politics and Economics in the year 1995. He has also worked as a Gary Hart’s campaign volunteer.

    Atul Gawande professional life

    Atul is at present an American surgeon. He is also a writer and also conducts research for public health. He practices general and endocrine surgery at Birmingham and Women’s Hospital, Massachusetts. He is also a professor in Health policy and management at Harvard T.H Chan School of public health and also professor of surgery at Harvard Medical School. He is also the executive director of Ariadne labs.

    Atul Gawande wife

    Atul Gawande wife is Kathleen Hobson. Kathleen Hobson had worked in publishing many books as well as magazines. She is one of the major literature enthusiast as well as a high end English literature major. She shares her experiences about how her publishing work is quite a tough task and quotes that it took “nine months and twenty two reviews” for one of her articles to publish. But her progress is now a matter of pride foe her. Atul Gawande wife Kathleen Hobson and he himself are living a happy life together. They have three children, two daughters namely Hunter Gawande and Hattie Gawande and a son, Walker Gawande.

    Atul Gawande Net worth

    Atul Gawande net worth comprises of all the money which he has earned while being professor at the Harvard and and T.H Chan school. He has earned a lot as he is also a surgeon in Birmingham and Women’s hospital. His net worth would also comprise of the books which he wrote and also published. His actual net worth or salary is not disclosed by him, but is quite a huge amount.

    Atul Gawande personal life

    Atul Gawande describes himself as an Unlikely writer. He has written much of the famous books on Philosophy and medical science. He also said that he had also tried to escape the Biology line, as it is very certain for Indian Immigrant parents who are doctors themselves, that their son is a doctor. But at present he is chosen as the CEO for the venture and is a commendable post for him


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