Street Outlaws Precious Cooper Husband, Net Worth, Age

In the world where street racing is dominated by men we don’t expect for a lady to make her name in this field. But there is one name which is proving these odds wrong and proving that street racing world deserves more women. Precious Cooper is one name who is shining among men. She is the contestant of Street Outlaws which is a street racing show on The Discovery Channel. She is being counted among the best and fearsome racers who are mainly men. She has worked with Big Chief and currently in the team of JJ Da Boss for season 9 and 10. Street Outlaws season 10 airs on The Discovery Channel. She belong to poor family due to which she has faced many problems before becoming street racer. Let us know more about Street Outlaws Precious Cooper wiki and personal life.

Street Outlaws Precious Cooper

Precious Cooper Wiki

Precious Cooper was born on 1989 and is currently 28 years old in Osceola County, Florida, United States. She was always thrilled with life and wanted to do something for her family. The condition of her family was major problem for Precious but she never gave up. Initially she never decided to street race but ended up racing when she saw how thrilled this sport was. She started racing after her 18’s although the information can not be verified from trustful sources. In the start she was not very good in driving which could be expected from girl who has never drove before. But eventually she started learning and got a hand of it really fast. According to her friends she was always a fast learner which could be explained how her skills drastically increased. She then started racing among local street racers and ended up in Street Outlaws where she got famous.

Precious Cooper Personal Life

She currently lives in Batesville, Arkansas, United States but she grew up in Osceola County, Florida, United States with her family. Her family consist of 4 people including her. Her father name is Ricky Cooper and her mother name is Sara Cooper. She also have a younger sister name Chelsea Cooper. Her family was roofers and financial condition of her family was never good but together they were happy family. Her family condition inspired Precious to do something big and help her family in hard times. Being fast learner and talented girl full of energy she proved that women can do big in men dominated fields.

Street Outlaws Precious Cooper

Street Outlaws Precious Cooper

Precious never decided to street race in her life but was always wanted to something which can give her thrill in life. She professionally started racing under the supervision of JJ Da Boss. JJ Da Boss trained her for a year until she was ready. He knew Precious got enough talent to outmatch anyone against her therefore didn’t wanted any risk of lack of training. When she was ready she bracket raced with old car PUDDLE JUMPER. After this she was on track of racing and everyone acknowledge her when she defeated Chuck in race. Everyone around that time couldn’t help but appreciate her for outstanding performance.


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