Street Outlaws Kye Kelley Net Worth, Age, Wife, Girlfriend


If you are fan of Street Outlaws then you must know Kye Kelley. A famous personality known for maintaining tiny details on his car. Kye got his fame and money from Street Outlaws and is one of the icon participants like Precious Cooper. His passion was street racing since he got his driving license and he is pursuing his passion with outstanding performance in the show. Kye is also known as by his nick name Shocker. We don’t have any information about his birth date but he was born in Mississippi, United States. Being a professional racer, let us know more about Kye Kelley net worth, wiki, age and wife.

Kye Kelley Net Worth

Kye Kelley Wiki

Kye Kelley was born in Mississippi, United States and we don’t have any information about his date of birth. He is known for his performance in Street Outlaws. Kye always wanted to be a racer but he started his career in dirt biking. He initially love dirt biking and was passionate about it but as he grew up he moved to car racing. Kye own bunch of cars since he joined Street Outlaws and some of them are exclusive and jaw dropping cars. In his great arsenal of cars there is also Chevrolet Camaro which is highly modified and can face any challenges. Kye continuously modifies and upgrade his car for better performance in game.

Kye Kelley Early Life

Kye spend his majority of life in Mississippi, United States. He complete his graduation degree from a college in Mississippi and started working in an oil factory after that. But to complete his passion he wanted much more money than that job can ever offer. Key found a solution by starting his own performance shop. He opened his shop in Macomb of Mississippi and the shop became good source of income. Key then became leader of New Orleans car racing group and is very concern about his relationship with his team mates.

Kye Kelley Net Worth

Key Kelley Net Worth And Wife

Key is a married man and his wife name is Alisa. Alisa and Key was in a relationship for long time and they finally decided to marry recently. They don’t have any child yet but are expecting their first child soon. Key was also in relationship with his previous girlfriend before Alisa. He also have a child with his previous girlfriend but they have broken up and we don’t know who has the custody of the child. This does not mean that Kye is a bad man with any means and is a great person by heart. His current net worth is more than $150,000 and we expect it to increase even more in year 2018. We have also been informed that Key Kelley is buying new cars for his future race in 2018 which creates a lot of problem for his Street Outlaws competitors. With great victories in hand and experience of more than 25 years we hope for even better future career and we wish you to be blessed with most adorable baby in the world.


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