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Jeff Lutz Wiki

Jeff Lutz is a street racer best known for appearing in the Discovery’s famous show “Street Outlaws” like JJ Da Boss  and Ryan Martin. He drives his customized car of 1969 Chevrolet Camaro popularly known as Mad Max. His new car, ’57 Chevy which he built in his own car shop, Lutz Race cars got introduced in 2017.
He was born on May 15,1970 and accordingly he is 47 years old. He was born under the Taurus sign. And got famous due to his appearance in Discovery’s famous show Street Outlaws which dealt with car racing. Let us know more about Jeff Lutz Net Worth , Wiki, Age and Cars.

Jeff Lutz Net Worth
Jeff Lutz Early Life

Lutz was born in a family who has no interest in cars and because of this he was introduced to racing world and machines world very much later in his life. His brother was a former marine and he purchase a Camaro after the Gulf war that was the first car which Lutz had driven. It increased the passion for driving in Lutz, so he started developing knowledge and skills towards this art of racing, he got his first car when he was a teenager and it was a 74 Nova hatchback, unfortunately he never got to drive his first car as he was caught driving without a license when he was a teenager.

Jeff Lutz Career

It was his obsession with speed which landed him on the famous street Outlaws. He started his racing career with Chevrolet Camaro though it was not built for street racing at that time but Lutz modified it himself and made his way into the Top Ten List with his Mad Max in 9th season of the show.
However when Big Chief canceled out all the pro mod cars from the list his regime came to an end.

Jeff Lutz In Drag Week

Lutz participated every year with his co-pilot, Scott Murray in drag week competition.
It is a completion or an endurance test where racers drive their cars for 1000 miles over a five days period.
He was kept awake by his trustworthy co-pilot and he says for keeping his energy up he drinks lots of diet Coke and cold sandwiches and some Twice Bars.

Jeff Lutz Net Worth

Jeff Lutz Personal Life

Jeff is a married man apart from being a tremendous racer he is a very good father and a loving husband.
He got married to Christine Lutz on 31 July 1989. They both share a son, Jeffry Lutz Jr. And Jr. Lutz is in mid-twenties and following his father’s footsteps, he too has passion for cars and street racing.
Despite his busy schedule Jeff always takes out time for his family and wife and it can be seen in all of his social media handles.

Jeff Lutz Net Worth

Street Outlaws is his side job, he and his cast mates build hotrods and race then for money. He also owns Lutz Race Cars which is based in Pennsylvania.
His company’s main work is to modify and sell street cars and is very famous company among street racers.
Before coming in cars business, he was a bricklayer and worked in construction. He owned brick and block crew.
It is estimated that Jeff has a net worth of $800 thousand.


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