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Music is the industry which is dominating every other entertainment industry around the globe. We can see everyone is moving towards music industry with professional career. Nav is one those new rapper who is nailing music industry also known from other names like Navraj Beats and Beats by Nav. He is man with young career in music industry 3 years to be exact. Starting his career on SoundCloud(Online Music Platform) in year 2015. His first song was Take Me Simple which was listed over 10 million times. And his career was reaching new heights with every new songs. Nav was born in Canada and he associated famous labels. Let us know more about Nav Rapper Net Worth and Wiki.

Nav Rapper Net Worth

Nav Rapper Wiki

Navraj Singh Goraya professionally known by his stage name Nav was born on November 3, 1989 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is 28 years old and started his career on 2015. Nav is rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer whose fan base growing around the world from his talent. He is of Punjabi descent and his parents are from Punjab, India. Nav also offended some people as his popularity grew because of his usage of N-Word. He responded to this by saying “Well, it’s like, the neighborhood I grew up in is very multicultural, it goes from Chinese to White to Black to Jamaican, everything, right? Everybody uses that word freely.” With this statement he cleared everyone views as how he grew in multicultural environment and using of N-word is not always offending to other.

Nav Rapper Early Life

Nav was born in Toronto, Canada but his parents are from Punjab, India. He is Punjabi descended which we can figure it out by his real name. His father was a forklift driver and his mother was a computer manufacturer. Nav interest in music grew from his childhood as he grew listening music from as early as third grade. His uncle is famous singer in India and he is the first person to support Nav for pursuing music as career. His uncle bought a studio for Nav which filled him with extra confidence. Nav started making music in high school and eventually started producing it for local Toronto artists. He never thought of producing and starting music career professionally rather initially started for family and friends.

Nav Rapper Net Worth

Nav Rapper Net Worth

Nav is extremely talent in his career which make sense because music was passion for him and he is walking on his desired path with help of some natural talent. He started his career in 2015 but his career took momentum in 2016. He collaborated with Travis Scott American rapper for song “Beibs in The Trap” which topped number 90 on US Billboard Hot 100. Nav has also signed deals with popular labels such as XO and Republic. His current net worth is not enough to be calculated but this obvious for just 3 year old career. We are certain that in the end of 2018 his net worth will more than $100,000. We hope to his more quality work in future and wish for successful career with happy life.


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