Mick Dodge Wiki, Net Worth, Age and The legend of Mick Dodge

If you love watching mother nature on television channel like Discovery and National Geography channel then you must know who is Mick Dodge. Mick Dodge is TV personality and rainforest dweller. He is also known as The BareFoot Sensei, The Barefoot Nomad and Walking Mountain. Mick starred in TV Series called The Legend of Mick Dodge which was broadcasted from 2014 to 2015. The TV series had 3 seasons in which it grabbed the attention of large audience due to its uniqueness. Show captures day to day adventure of Mick Dodge in Hoh Rain Forest in which he dwells the forest barefoot. He also created a fitness group called Earthgym with Jacquie Chandler in 1994. Let us know more about Mick Dodge wiki and net worth.

Mick Dodge wiki

Mick Dodge Wiki

Mick Dodge was born on August 29, 1951 in Hoh of Olympic Peninsula, Washington, United States and is currently 66 years old. His father was marine and due to this he traveled in United States and around the world in his young days. Mick grandfather moved to forks in 1920s and settle there for living. He later spend his life in United States marine base and around the world location including Japan with his father. Mick even graduated from Kubasaki High School in Okinawa, Japan and is also trained martial artist. Although he didn’t pursue for college degree and higher education. He is very kind and friendly with his friends. And we can see in his TV Series that how kind he is towards animals.

Mick Dodge Personal Life

It is very difficult to know about Mick personal life as he very conservative about it. There is simply no information about his wife, children, family or any girlfriend. We know that his father was marine and he got lots of inspiration from it and his grandfather migrated to forks. He has spent most of his time in forest but it is speculated that he lives with a lady friend in extreme winters. But no matter how cave man you think of Mick he is still moving along with modern world. He updates his Facebook profile with new photos and videos continuously. This tells us just how a wise man can be in life.

Mick Dodge wiki

Mick Dodge Net Worth

Mick is living in forest since 1991 which is 25 years and many people think he does not have any source of earning. Since his show The Legend of Mick Dodge has aired on National Geographic channel, his net worth has got a huge bump. The producer of the show provides him some money which can be count as his net worth. And Mick has also has been collecting forest products which counts in his net worth. Mick also make berry jam and therefore it is estimated that his net worth is approx. $150,000. Although his net worth is rough estimate and can be less or more than mention net worth. For a man who has travelled around the world, trained in martial arts and now living in forest for 25 years with no outside help, Mick is a courageous man with strong will to live.

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