Lil Toenail Wiki, Net Worth, Real Name

We all love listening music and we also love the singers who sing those songs especially for their unique appearances, fashion and styles. We try to imitate them and inhibit their style into ours. But, there is this one unconventional rapper who goes by his stage name of Lil Toenail like Lil Xan and Lil Windex. There is no information about his real name and he performs everywhere by his stage name Lil Toenail only. He gained fame only last year and since then he garnered a huge number of fan following for his unique rap skills, unconventional stage name and unique fashion choice. You see there’s nothing normal about this guy, and at first seeing him almost everyone thinks that he’s fake a conman and even a thug but later they all become fan of his unique style. Let us know more about Lil Toenail Wiki, Career, Net Worth and Real Name.

Lil Toenail Wiki

Lil Toenail Wiki

Lil Toenail is an American Rapper who originated from West Palm Beach in Florida, United States. Any detail about his birth, or parents or his Personal Life is all unknown. The only thing we know about him is that he is a new and fresh rapper in the Industry who gained fame only last year in June 2017. He received widespread recognition and appreciation when he released “Fuck Shit” remix in collaboration with American Rapper and Singer Horst Christian Simco (a.k.a Riff Raff) who specialises in Hip Hop, EDM and Trap.
Since then, his fan base got a huge boost and is now considered as a fresh and upcoming talent from the Hollywood Music Industry. He wears a custom made toe-shaped costume for his public outings and never dresses in normal clothing. He also wears a black-coloured mask on his face that reveals only his eyes and mouth. Due to this, his real face is also unknown to the public.

Lil Toenail Career and Real Name

Lil Toenail wasn’t known by many before 2017 as he received widespread recognition in June 2017. He released “Fuck Shit” remix in collaboration with Riff Raff which gained him recognition and fame in the hip hop community. Since then, his SoundCloud page has received thousands of plays. His songs make excessive use of abusive words and his music often reminds us of Punk styled music.
His Instagram profile which goes by the name of liltoe has over 70k subscribers and posts mostly showcase him some sort of Gangster holding Pistols, Shotguns and Machine guns.

Lil Toenail Wiki

Lil Toenail Net Worth and Real Name

There is no known record about Lil Toenail net worth knowing he is mainly secretive about his name and face so it will be no surprise if he keeps his net worth hidden too. Moreover, his performances and music releases are overlooked by The Circle Talent Agency which is also very tight-lipped about his identity and career details.
We only hope that he makes his real name and face and details public. It isn’t a big deal if he doesn’t after all he is an American Rapper who prefers Gangster music.

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