Efraim Diveroli Net Worth, Wife, Arms Dealer Partner David Packouz

Do you have an excitement to know real life arms dealer life? Yeah, we are talking about Efraim Diveroli. The man was born on December 20, 1985 in Miami Beach, Florida, United States. His parents were Ateret Diveroli and Michael Diveroli which were both Orthodox Jewish and always obeyed all Jewish tradition. In their life, laws no matter the consequences. His grandfather name is Yoav Botach. He was the biggest land property owner in the Los Angeles and is counted among the richest. Diveroli is the well known arms dealer who is known with his partner David Packouz, who is also running his music company. They got huge fame for the “War Dogs”. They started their arms company in collaboration but later it shut down after the investigation by US official department. You can read out here Efraim Diveroli net worth, partner David Packouz business and wife information in this post.

efraim diveroli net worth

Efraim Diveroli Wiki Facts

Diveroli was sixteen when he returned home in March 2001 and thought of opening a arm and ammunition company. He argued with his uncle and told his father he wanted to open a business with contracts with U.S Government. He convinced his father to sell him a sell company which was AEY Inc. The name for company taken from his siblings name as AEY. corporation. His father started this company as a small printing business which at the time was abandoned at that time and Diveroli took this as advantage. He was talented in his young age and led local media outlets to label him as an “Arms Wunderkind”. He was also labelled as “Stoner arms dealer” by media because of his addiction with drugs.

Efraim Diveroli Net worth

As for now Efraim Diveroli net worth is unknown but United State Army claimed Efraim Diveroli and his business partner David Packouz together completed the contract of worth more than $200 million in year 2007. His worth used to be calculated in the millions but it is declined in the last few years.In contracts it was written to supply ammunition, assault rifles and other numerous weapons. Due to this United State Army being reviewing every contract by AEY Incorporation. Later David Packouz and Ralph Merrill and the group former chief financer filed separate lawsuits against Diveroli which they said he owned millions of dollar weapon contract with U.S Government.

efraim diveroli and david packouz

Diveroli Conviction

Ammoworks was in trail for conspiracy is another company owned by Diveroli which is also related in selling arms and ammunition was in August 2008. Later that year he was pledged guilty for conspiracy and was sentenced for four year on January 4 2011. He was also sentence for carrying weapon while out on bond. He was also supplying the army old Chinese arm after repackaging them. This made his career graph to go down with the passing time.

War Dogs: True Story Real Arms Dealer

War Dogs is film by Warner Bros Entertainment Incorporation which is directed by Todd Phillips. Apparently it Diveroli filed a law suit against the entertainment giant claiming that comedy/drama film was based on story of his own life which and bases of this film War Dogs was taken from his self-published Once A Gun Runner memoir. Diveroli was seeking to block release of the film. But the movie got released after sometime after the case settled down.

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