Dr Nowzaradan Wiki, Wife, Son, Net Worth

It is rightly said, “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body”. The lifestyle of progressing countries is aggressively degrading and is straightforwardly visible to all of us. With the drastically swelling cases of obesity amongst the people, there is an increased demand of counselors, surgeons, nutritionists and dietitians. Doctor Younan Nowzaradan is one of the most respectable personality in this profession.


Early life

Dr. YOUNAN was born on 11th of October, 1944. He was born in Iran, and was raised and brought up in Iran. He earned his medical degree from The University of Tehran, Iran in the year 1970. But soon he moved out of Tehran, in Tennessee. There he studied general surgery. But Dr. Younan was always keen for more and more. Thus he finally moved to Texas. There he studied thoracic surgery.

Dr. Younan had married Miss Delores. They both together have 3 kids. Their son produces many well known shows like The TLC’S famous show “TRIPPING WARS” and the very well known show “MY 600-LB LIFE”. But unfortunately the Nowzaradan couple is now divorced.

With the experience of more than four decades, Dr. Nowzaradan still practices his surgeries. Dr. YOUNAN is seventy two years old but still, the age never comes as a barrier amid his path. Dr. Nowzaradan focuses in the Houston nearby area hospitals, which include the “UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL”, “SURGERY SPECIALITY HOSPITAL”,”RENAISSANCE HOSPITAL” AND MANY MORE AS WELL.

DR. Nowzaradan offers surgeries and specialties in many fields. He performs vascular surgeries, by-pass surgeries and weight loss surgeries. These surgeries imbibe in them, the lap band system technique, revision surgery, gastric sleeve and Roux-en Y gastric bypass surgery.


His Net Worth And Accomplishments

Dr. Nowzaradan arrogated the LAPAROSCOPY SURGERY first all over Houston. He also performed the laparoscopic surgeries on the patients which were never considered, would be successful. But Dr. Nowzaraden  accomplished his goals and easily made through all the surgeries that were quite impossible for other surgeons to perform. He also has a record of handling the extreme cases of obesity or increased weight. The cases above six hundred ponds were also handled by Dr. Nowzaradan, which were previously denied by other doctors. There has also been a grapevine about him being fired. This was due to the claim of a women who said that Dr. Nowzaradan had left a tube of more than 6 six and a half inches inside the stomach. Although the case was proved wrong and was dismissed in the year 2013.

It has been more than forty years for Dr. Nowzaradan to practice laparoscopy and other critical cases of obesity. He has gained an experience which one can achieve only with desperate hard work, zeal and enthusiasm in a particular field of interest. Apart from his perpetual life of surgeries as well as planning for patients, Dr. Nowzaradan has also written a book named “LAST CHANCE TO LIVE”. The book entirely focuses on the practical experience gained by Dr. Nowzaradan since his early surgeries to his famous laparoscopic surgeries and the guidelines for the ones agonized by obesity.

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